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Welcome To My Music And Travel Site

As an obsessive traveler and semi-serious musician, it occurred to me one day to combine the two interests in the most obvious of ways. This website allows me to share some of the astounding things that I saw and heard. I have traveled to many music events around the world, and I have worked with a lot of musicians. I have been to the typical big cities with the big concert venues, big clubs, and huge festivals. I have also been to remote places and have been to events and saw musicians that have many people have not heard of. Well I am here to bridge that gap and inform you on the entertaining things I have seen and done.

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So have a look. If you wish to contact me, shoot me an email from the contact page. I will try and answer your questions about music, travel, and events the best I can. I have been a musician for most of my life (and I am an old musician) and I have a lot of experience with productions, writing music, organizing events, etc. I have had experience in the full gambit of music from classical music to electronic dance music. Music knows no boundary. It transcends everything in the universe. Going to a live music event is something special and the more you know about what is going on the better.

For example, going to a small venue show is a very intimate experience. Seeing a band that maybe somebody recommend, rather than the large top 40 band that every hipster is going to see is nothing special, it doesn’t create a memorable experience. So that has a different feel than a large event.

With that same logic you can apply going to a large concert or a popular music festival is a totally different and rewarding experience. Being with the masses and connecting to people through music has it’s own advantage. Music is all around us. Music is a feeling that connects your soul to the universe. You just don’t listen to music. You feel music. You live music. You believe in musics message.

Also, if you don’t know how to play a musical instrument, then I highly recommend you learn. It doesn’t need to be a complex instrument, just pick one up. It is the single most form of pure emotion you can express with your body.  You tell a story with music. You pass along your music to someone at an event. Music festivals do this very well because yiou are often in the middle of nature, camping with friends, and listening to music all hours of the day and night. It surrounds you and spreads it message. It’s a beautiful think my friends!

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Well enough preaching about music and it’s message. I have a very busy travelling schedule this spring, summer, and fall, and will let you know about my experiences at different concerts, gatherings, festivals, dive bars, and whatever other random thing I see or experience in my travels. It may sound glorious, and in ways it is but it’s more about the experience and sharing it with whoever stumbles upon my site, not about bragging about what I have done.

I will let you know the good, the bad, and the ugly, hopefully inspiring you to get out there and do the same. Music makes life easier to deal with. It relieves us from a massive amount of stress that we endure through our day. Go out, relieve some stress and take in a show. Your soul will thank you.